Cycling Course at Moricoro Park

A great and cheap way to enjoy Moricoro Park

Moricoro Park was the location for the 2005 World Expo. The park is most easily accessed from Nagoya, and although the World Expo exhibitions have all been taken down, the park still remains open with some attractions. The most popular of these is Satsuki and Mei's House from Totoro. However, many people also use the park for recreation and sports, and the cycling course is one way to have a great day out at the park.

Moricoro Park is most easily accessed from Nagoya. It's an hour journey with one transfer. Take the Higashiyama Line to Fujigaoka Station, and then take the Linimo to Ai Chikyū-Haku Rinen Kōen Station. Once you arrive at the park, follow the green signs saying レンタルサイクル (Rental Cycle) till you reach the bicycle rental shop. To rent a bicycle, you first have to use the machine to pay. The cost for one bicycle + helmet is only ¥100, from 9:00 till 17:00, so it is a great price! The staff will fit you with your bicycle according to your height, and provide you with a helmet. Make sure to also ask for a map. They will give you a colored block which you keep in your bicycle, and return it to them at the end. 

The cycling course is 5km in total, and there are little green signs along the way saying "1km! 4km left till GOAL" (all in Japanese though) to keep you motivated. The scenery along the cycling course was great in autumn, and I kept stopping on the road to take photos. The cycling road is strictly for bicycles, so you don't have to worry about cars coming through. There are quite a few other cyclists though, doing their training, so make sure to keep left, and don't go in the opposite direction to the flow. The other cyclists are very kind and will shout out "passing through on your right!" to alert you. 5km is actually quite a short distance on a bicycle, so you are of course welcome to do the whole course more than once. In my case, because I kept stopping and taking photos, I just did the course once. The cycling map will outline the attractions that Moricoro Park offers (ferris wheel, restaurants, etc.) and all those attractions have a place for you to park your bicycle within easy walking distance.

All in all, cycling through the beautiful roads of Moricoro Park was a great and relaxing experience. Try to go there in autumn if you can, because the scenery is gorgeous. However, the cycling course would be a fun activity for all ages regardless of the season. Give it a go if you like being active and outdoors!

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