Kyoto Tokyu Harvest Club Suite Room

Enjoy a private onsen bath in a luxury suite in Kyoto!

In mid October I went to Kyoto to stay at Tokyu Harvest Club Kyoto Takagamine & VIALA, a newly-opened resort hotel in the northern part of Kyoto City.

Usually, when you go to Kyoto, your purpose would be to see temples, shrines, or other tourist attractions. However, in my case my sole purpose was to try out this new hotel because everything I heard about it had been great. And my expectations were met perfectly! The entire facility was chic and gorgeous, and the room was spacious and oh-so-nice! There are other room types such as 'family room', 'pet room', etc., and I am going to try out one of these rooms next time. For detailed information of this hotel please refer to the articles below.

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