Aug 29th

A-Nation Online 2020

A concert of online proportions everyone can enjoy!

Kapan: Saturday - Aug 29th 2020

Lovers of Japanese and Asian music, in general, will get a special treat this August 29th—you can enjoy Avex Entertainment’s A-nation concert from the comfort of your home! COVID-19 won’t spoil these plans. And even though we're on the road to recovery, here is an event we can all enjoy while maintaining social distance.

Five virtual stages will be set up, allowing fans to “tune-in” to their favorite artists’ live performances. A-nation Online 2020 will be one of the largest online festivals in Japan and is going to feature more than 50 artists from Japan and around Asia.


Tickets went on sale August 18, 2020, but there’s still plenty of time to get yours. The ticket-buying page will stay up until the concert begins—so don’t be too slow. The ticket covers entry into the three paid stages: Blue Stage, Green Stage, and Yellow Stage; with the Purple and White stages be free-to-view. How awesome is that?

Mu-mo Live is providing tickets only to those living in Japan. While Beyond Live will be catering to Japan, Korea, China, Indonesia, and the rest of the world. And Elta TV serving Taipei and Singapore. It’s easy from there to purchase the ticket you need.

With five stages of live artists for only ¥4,800, it’s practically a steal!


As previously mentioned, the Purple Stage and White Stage will be free for all to view at their leisure. For the Purple Stage lineup, you just need to tune in to the Avex Official YouTube channel and enjoy the show.

To enjoy artists on the White Stage, add Avex Official LINE account as a friend to stream the performances.

If you want access to the other three stages as well as the high-profile artists, you’ll need to purchase a viewing ticket.

Stages aren’t opening at the same time, so be sure to read the information for each stage and performance so that you don’t miss your favorites.


Of course, the information we’re all after is who’s going to be performing? Well, A-nation is sure to please with their many line-ups of musical performers, models, comedians, and others.

Some of the big names that you’ll be able to enjoy are Ayumi Hamasaki, Kumi Koda, M!LK, and Pico Taro of PPAP-fame.

More artists are being announced daily and we’re sure that in the lead-up to the concert that there will be even more great names added to the roster.

Merchandise and food

You’d think with A-nation being an online event that you’d miss out on the concert experience of merchandise and concert food. Not this time!

Thanks to the Mu-mo online shop, you can get your official A-nation Online 2020 merchandise proving that you weren’t there—you were watching comfortably at home!

And with Uber Eats providing support, you can enjoy some delicious concert-worthy eats. So long as you’re in Japan, that is. There will be a special Uber Eats promotion code released on the 29th for fans virtually attending the concert! Keep your eyes open for it.

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