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Graceful Tokyo & Niigata Feel the Contrast. Find Grace in the Moment

In as little as one hour and fifteen minutes, leave the hustle and bustle of Tokyo and immerse yourself in the quiet tranquility of Niigata’s countryside via the Joetsu Shinkansen. This direct route connects Tokyo Station to Niigata’s Echigo Yuzawa, Urasa, Nagaoka, Tsubamesanjo, and Niigata Stations.
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Tokyo-Niigata Map
Train 1hr10min~
Flights ~1hr10min

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Tokyo and Niigata. One stands as an ever-evolving urban landmark, and the other shines as a naturally- and culturally-rich haven. Explore the wonders of both regions, and discover the unique duality of Japan’s modern and traditional legacy.

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Must-visit spots in Tokyo and Niigata

With their uniquely blessed environments—whether it be nature, culture, or innovation—Niigata and Tokyo feature a slew of destinations and activities guaranteed to elevate your Japanese experience. Find intrigue in everything, and embark on your next adventure with our recommended spots.
Tokyo x Niigata food cultures

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Tokyo x Niigata food cultures

Envision your Japanese journey through our visually immersive and informative content, and explore the dichotomy between Tokyo’s cityscape and Niigata’s treasured scenery.
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