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Climbing Yamadera 20

Climbing Yamadera

Elena Lisina

Climbing Yamadera is an enjoyable challenge easy with a grand panorama from the summit. Along the way up there are numerous temples..

Yamagata 3
Teganuma Fireworks

Teganuma Fireworks

Elizabeth Scally

Teganuma Fireworks Festival held in early August most years is jointly hosted by Abiko and Kashiwa Cities. The 90 minute show of..

Chiba, Teganuma Marsh Saturday - Aug 3rd 6 Free


Christie Petrakopoulou

Try some tasty yakitori in Yokohama at Akiyoshi, a Japan-wide chain. Sit at the counter and watch all the action in the kitchen.

Kanagawa 12
Teien-no-sato Honai 7

Teien-no-sato Honai

Kim B

Japan has numerous unique highway rest areas, and Niigata's Teien-no-sato Honai brings the outdoors in! The rest stop is filled..

Niigata 4